Photo Journalism

This semester, I decided to take a photo journalism class because 1.) I knew nothing about photography and 2.) For someone who wants to be a reporter, knowing nothing about photography seemed dangerous.

While I’m no professional, I can honestly say that it was a joy to capture a story through something other than words.

For our final project in the class, I had the chance to photograph a roller derby team in the local Waterloo, Iowa area. These women were total badasses. Don’t let the neon and sparkles fool you; they could beat any one up in the blink of a mascara eye.

Some other projects we had were profiles, events and lighting. The first one is a profile of a girl in my class, the second is an improv rehearsal of a troupe from UNI and the third is of Chicago during Easter weekend.

I love the way journalism can combine so many different mediums to tell just one story. From simplistic radio shows to interactive multimedia features, while some may view it as a curse, it is amazing how far technology along with experience has progressed journalism into a unique adventure for all involved.

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