The Lost Generation

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After an economic meltdown, record unemployment and skyrocketing college tuition; it is no wonder that our up and coming group of young people have been dubbed, “The Lost Generation.”

Previously used for those who were coming of age during World War I, it has now found it’s place in modern society.

We are in a climate where dreamers are forced to remain asleep. For every goal and ambition we may have, the probability of unemployment looms above us.

College tuition is well above the rate of inflation, and recent graduates are living with their parents to save money.

When a Bachelor’s Degree used to ensure a decent wage job, it now ensures that we will remain in debt for an extended amount of time.

For me, it’s absolutely terrifying to envision what my life will be like after graduation. Will the economy improve? According to polls, yes but it still will not be the same as before 2008. Will I find a job? In an industry like journalism, the pickings are slim and the competition is fierce. Will I be able to support myself and live in my own place? Well, maybe I’ll get lucky. Will I be okay?

Hell yes.

Our generation has guts. While people may assume that we are slackers and will not live up to the reputation of previous generation, I believe that we are an age group of fighters. We’ve been through traumatic historical events such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the War in Iraq/Afghanistan.

And while our guts may be made up by iPod’s, Facebook and Starbucks, I believe that we are revolutionizing ourselves to adapt to new situations. For myself, I am aware of the tough times that lay before me and I’ve worked harder than ever before and I’m working harder than my parents had to. When one internship used to suffice, I’m now searching for three or four.

I see the reality that lays before me, and it looks pretty bleak. But through this mess, our generation will shine through. We’ll never be the same as we were before, but do we really want to go back? We’re hopefully smarter, stronger and aware of the impending dangers that occur with irresponsibility and lazy oversight.

So sure. High school students, college students and recent graduates are stuck with the name “The Lost Generation” due to the high rates of unemployment and massive debt that we’ve accumulated due to rising tuition. And sure, previous graduates may have had an easier time finding a job after graduation. But while the future is absolutely terrifying for us, we’ll break through and make them change us from the lost to the found and thriving.

It may be an unrealistic optimistic idea that has no real practical solution, but the only thing that we can do is fight. Especially in the field of journalism, people are clashing keyboards, jousting written words with one another and trying to be quicker and more efficient than the competition. Who you know is key, but putting up a good fight and revolutionizing ourselves for a world that is morphing “news” while also retaining traditional ethical attitudes will remain our priority.

I’m scared but excited. It’s tough to plan for what may come, but hopefully with hard work and dedication, I’ll succeed. And so my question is for you: what do you think of the lost generation and what are you planning to try and be “successful” in the future?

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2 thoughts on “The Lost Generation

  1. Matthew says:

    I think we’ll prosper. Worst things have happened, and the generation that lived through the Great Depression went on to achieve great things. Right now I think what’s holding us back as a society is our elders, determined to keep their grip on power until they die, it seems. The world is changing, and we need to change with it if we’re going to succeed.

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