Welcome to Behind the Pen.
Here you’ll find my thoughts and opinions on journalism and media in general. This is where I put my journey of learning the in’s and out’s of the industry, being a college student and things that fascinate or disturb me about stories and media today. It will also feature other journalists and what it’s like for them behind the pen/camera/radio.

Behind the Pen is written for people who are interested in journalism/media, students in school and those that just want to hear a college students opinion on things occurring around the globe.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Linh Ta, and Thank you for liking my blog! I enjoy meeting new people, and having them leave comments so I know they were there. I wish you the best of luck with your education and job prospects — our world is changing, but it’s good to see young, optimistic people are still going into journalism and making a success of it!

  2. I was a journalism turned creative writing major. Often wished I stuck with the journalistic route. Might have been more practical than trying to make things up… These are dark days for journalistic integrity, and I hope you and other students are learning how to keep up some standards in the face of the changing technological landscape. MSNBC, CNN, FOX, I think it’s all a lot of crap. Especially because the ones that had some substance took too many clues from FOX and their ability to gather ratings by bullshitting and scaring people. I have no idea what journalism will look like a year or five from now. And I’m not sure objectivity exists, or if it’s just an ideal to strive for, but whatever the case it seems to have been thrown out the window by most journalistic sources these days, much to the detriment of the quality of news. Keep them honest, Linh. Good luck ; )

    1. I agree, there’s been a lot of manipulation and fear tactics used to try and garner more viewers. I feel that every journalist has a bias subconsciously, but that morally and ethically, we try to do our best to be objective. Thanks for the advice!

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