Why I Stopped Watching Fox News and MSNBC

Let me get this straight–

I’ve never legitimately watched Fox News. Sometimes I happen across it when I’m working out at the gym or it’s turned on at a friends place, but other than that, I avoid Fox News like the plague.

MSNBC on the otherhand started out like a good friend. I adored Rachel Maddow, enjoyed the hosts commentary on the Iowa caucus in 2011 and kept it on in the mornings while I was busy working on other things.

But after a while, MSNBC left a gritty taste in my mouth. That feeling where you want to believe what is being said to you, but you know deep down that someone is lying straight to your face.

It took a while for me to figure it out. After all, I agreed with a lot of the things that were being said on MSNBC, but I soon realized that my blind acceptance was the issue.

I was watching the channel because I agreed with the information being fed to me and I gobbled it up like a delicious cheesecake: no bitter aftertaste but just sweet sliding down my throat.

We all enjoy listening or reading things that parallel our views. We watch fashion shows because we enjoy fashion and we watch sports because we root for our favorite sporting team.

But in the realm of news, we do the same thing. It seems obvious but it took me a while to notice that I was blindly watching only one side of the story.

And it’s difficult these days to determine what is biased and what is objective. The segments on both MSNBC and Fox seem fair to their viewers, but from a different eye, the subjective nature is obvious.

But is it okay for us to knowingly watch or read a news source while having knowledge of the bias? We still eat chocolate cake with knowledge of the calories and we still smoke and drink with the knowledge that they are both unhealthy for our bodies.

I occasionally indulge and watch the Rachel Maddow show. After all, she is humorous and delightful. But a grain of salt is necessary, even when she is spouting her hilarious commentary.

But is it ethically okay as journalists to listen or read these stories that are being presented to us, or do we need to waver more towards objective publications and broadcast sources?